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Co-curricular activities Stimulates Overall Development

Indulge your Child in co-curricular activities

Co-Curricular activities play a vital role in a child’s development. Such activities are real and give practical experiences to students which in turn augment understanding of theoretical knowledge. The intellectual aspects of a student’s personality is developed through classroom teaching but the aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, social growth, moral values, creativity, etc. are supported by co-curricular activities. They also help develop and enhance communication skills and encourage collaborative learning. These activities also bring a sense of responsibility, team spirit, better judgment, acceptance of defeat among many other life skills.

Gurukul emphasis on co-curricular activities

The School in Mohali is facilitating such activities in the curriculum by giving ample opportunities to students to develop skills and showcase their non academic talent. The school provides wonderful opportunities for students to develop their interest in public speaking, quizzing and other elocution activities. In addition students are also made aware of the environmental concerns and guided to work for its betterment. Students are encouraged to participate in various dance and music competitions. Various art and craft activities for students are also organized so as to give children a creative outlet which can help them relieve stress of academics. By pursuing artistic expression, learning becomes more fun. Awards are awarded to students to boost morale and happiness quotient.

Learning at Gurukul World

At Gurukul World School,the teaching pedagogy is implemented in a way which strikes a balance between students’ academic and extra-curricular activities because they consider this would help in students’ cognitive, physical and emotional growth and consequently lead to better overall development.

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