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Students Prosper Best With Broad Curriculum

Education is a tool which helps equip students with knowledge and life skills that prepare them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially for their entry into society and the work force. Ideally the role of education is to ensure that each student, at the time of leaving school is prepared for life and can become a part of the functioning unit of society. The knowledge that is attained through quality education helps open doors to a plethora of opportunities for better prospects in career and society

Gurukul World School has a campus with salubrious surroundings. The School is a temple of learning where each child’s uniqueness is respected and an equal platform provided to each individual ‘to know and grow’. We at Gurukul believe that children should invent, experiment, attempt, grow, take risks, and make mistakes while having fun and learning. Keeping in mind the holistic development of the child our curriculum is totally child centric, a homogeneous blend of academics and ‘Hands on Learning’ based activities.

The CBSE Schools in Mohali has an education curriculum which focuses on the overall development of students. The school lays stress on both academic as well as co-curricular activities for it believes that academics alone do not help a student become a well groomed and multifaceted personality.

The School postulates activities that provide students an enriched learning experience. They are presented several opportunities to think of new ways of solving problems and practice critical thinking. The basic curriculum teaches students academic theories and concepts, while co-curricular activities help students apply what they have learned by practicing in their practical lives. The type of exposure these activities offer is not possible to be achieved through just theoretic ways alone. The hands on activities and various other opportunities provided through nonacademic means also help develop students’ talents and offer them chances to indulge in their passions without the stress of gradable performance.

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