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Quality of education at Gurukul

Schools are always deliberating on ways to improve the quality of teaching and learning in order to make children feel motivated and to spark their curiosity. The fundamental goal is to make children value and ‘own’ their education.

Teachers are the Guiding Force:

As a society, we spend plenty of time, resources and money in steps which would improve the quality of education in our schools. It becomes extremely imperative to understand that teachers are the one strong consistent factor which acts as a prime whose potential, aptitude, knowledge and eagerness are pivotal in determining the success or otherwise, of the children they teach. Some teachers treat students like sausages to be stuffed with information.

Practical and Theoretical Knowledge:

Gurukul World School is the Best School in Mohali which fosters quality education for its students. The school focuses on blending practical and theoretical knowledge. The school believes that it is imperatively essential to follow appropriate and correct teaching pedagogy to ensure that each and every child ‘owns’ her/his curriculum in a comprehensive manner. Creativity is the key element of the teaching methodology which makes each child learn better and retain longer. The quality of education at Gurukul speaks for the unique way of teaching which enables every child to think beyond the written word and associate concepts and topics to real life. The teachers nurture students like oysters. They stimulate, encourage, inspire and ignite curiosity and interest in their students.

Wholesome education Concept:

Keeping the concept of holistic education at the forefront, the school ensures that learning is fun and teaching interesting and interactive. The academic curriculum is broad, flexible and designed in a way that helps students, become lifelong learners and contributors to the society. School not only provides structured education but promotes each child’s intellectual, emotional, social and psychological growth through quality education.

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