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Effective Communication–Anecdote from a teacher

Effective communication with children is a must for nurturing happy families.

Today, while technology has shrunk our planet, sadly it is this very same technology that has built in-divisible walls, within the family. TV, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, PlayStation – parents and children are so busy reaching out to people beyond borders that they neither have the time nor the inclination to connect within their homes. Family time which meant dinners, picnics, games (real not virtual) has been replaced by individual obsessions driven by technology.

Being among best CBSE Schools in Mohali, we are not against social media or the other myriad uses of the internet. Our only point is nothing should intrude into family time and parent-child communication should be seen as sacrosanct.

By communication we don’t mean just any kind of interaction but effective communication which would enhance trust between the parent and child, create mutual respect and ultimately lead to a happy family.

Effective communication is not patronizing, talking down or being sarcastic. You can well imagine what kind of damage insensitive remarks can cause the youngsters. You will notice in such remarks there is no sense of concern or respect for the child.

Respect? By respect we mean treat your child like an individual and empathise with him/ her. However small he/she may be, they have a right to express their opinion and reach out to you. And it is your duty to respond with love and concern not sarcasm and derision.

From our own teaching experiences we have realized that children can read between the lines and understand beyond the words.

Respect also means not trashing your child’s little proposals, suggestions and their tiny dreams.

Our own faculty shared her real life example on the same. She said, When I was barely seven, I had written a poem. It was a pathetic piece of verse. I very hesitatingly showed it to my father. Most dads would have probably said, ‘Why are you wasting your time in scribbling words, concentrate on maths in which you got only 89”. Instead, my father hugged me and said, “It is wonderful!”
Today if I am a writer it is because of that heart-warming and adrenalin pumping response I got from my father.

We believe such is the power of parent-child communication.

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