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This is How We Do it!

I Do,We Do,You Do

Asking students to open page no.20 to read the Chapter, “Kites” is quite easy but extremely boring and traditional.

On the other hand asking the students to make a kite and having a Kite-Flying Session followed by a Quiz on ‘Kites’ is all fun, exciting and engaging!

This is how we do it, at Gurukul World School, Sector-69, one of the best school in Mohali.

Every child is an imitator, an artist, an observer,a thinker, a writer and a poet!

All children are born creative and Play and Activity Method gives them a chance to practice what they learn. We focus at meeting the challenge to keep their creativity alive. Logic takes them from A to B but imagination would take them everywhere. We aim at providing purposeful play and activities that provide fair chance to all children to use their imagination and observation to relate, associate, learn and apply their knowledge.

Thus as Best CBSE schools in mohali, we aim to foster self-learning by combining education with activities. Our key feature is Activity-Based Learning (ABL). It enables children to learn by doing and to apply knowledge.

Teacher engages in a ‘relational creativity’ with the child that revels both in the child’s creativity and stimulates teacher’s own creativity to find ways to help the child observe, analyze, interpret and build theories.

Play and ABL are the most essential part of early learning. It is life and blood of the learning process. As children play, they learn not just how to play but most importantly how to learn. They develop their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills. It leads to their holistic development.

Our task regarding creativity is to help children to climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.

Gurneet Kaur

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