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The month of February is very crucial for the students who are in Classes 10th and 12th. With Boards exams almost about to commence, students are usually very worried. Students often feel nervous and are concerned about their performance. At Gurukul World School – The Best CBSE School in Mohali, teachers ensure that proper guidance is provided to all students. Such guidance ensures meritorious results.

In order to score well in exams here are a few guidelines which should be followed. Anyone who follows these guidelines religiously will definitely score very well and succeed in the upcoming examination.

Spend time every day on subject matter:-
Instead of reading or focusing on only one subject, make sure you study two or three topics from each subject every day. Make notes, underline important terms and formulae. This way you will get more organized and won’t panic at the time of examination.

Comprehend via questioning:-
When you read anything, ensure you question the matter. For example, if you are reading a section within a book, then ask yourself:  “What are the main points / ideas of this section?”; “What is the author trying to tell me?”; This will help develop critical reasoning and enable you to summarize the section in your own words or style and also help to retain what you read.

Taking breaks is important:-
Do not concentrate on any one topic/subject for more than 50 minutes. When you try to concentrate on anything for more than 50 minutes you tend to lose the power to grasp and also taking frequent breaks is very important to refresh your mind.

Start with subjects you are comfortable with:-
Consider  taking up topics you are comfortable with already, first. This is important for boosting your confidence and making sure you are motivated to study for a longer period.

Practice previous years’ question papers:-
When you are done revising all the subject matter, start with the previous years’ question papers. Time yourself, appear for the exam, and evaluate yourself. This way you are not only revising but timing yourself for the exams to come.

 Try and be in a positive  environment:-
Make sure you do not engage with negative influences during this time, because this could distract you. Even during your break time try listening to music, indulging in some light outdoor sport, taking walks or interacting with people who will help boost your morale.

Don’t give up: You can do it!!:-
If you continue with sustained and strategic study habits, then you are sure to SUCCEED in your examination.  You can do it!!

Gurukul World School –one of  the top schools in the Tricity believes all children have the capability to achieve great heights and all they require is correct guidance, which is provide here. The teachers too make sure that each and every student is able to perform to the best of his/her calibre.

All the best for the upcoming exams!

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