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Some Cool Hobby Ideas for School Students

At Gurukul World School, we are among the best school in Mohali, and we trust that students must not invest all their energy either examining or playing. We trust that as school students, kids have a lot of time to their dispose of and that should be used the best constructive way possible.

So as to guarantee that our students invest their free energy wisely, we urge our students to build up some intriguing interests. These side interests can be anything that the kids likes to do, anything that comes as an esteem expansion and enables the kids to evolve.

If you can’t think of anything similar, here we suggest a few hobby activities that students can do to spend their free time the best way possible.


Perusing is the best thing a student can do in spare time. It not just enables the kids to think about different things and individuals, yet in addition encourages them to build up a more extensive perspective of the world, while upgrading the skills in the particular language side by side. The School Library can be the most ideal approach to begin off with the perusing side interest!


Many kids love painting and drawing, and the individuals who are not so good at it must give it a shot! Painting- an art form is one of the best ways to open up and nurture your creativity in a seamless and fun way. Painting and Sketching can turn out to be an extremely fascinating side interest to have.


At Gurukul, being the best Mohali School, feel dependable towards raising an age of people who might live incongruity with nature. Cultivating is outstanding amongst other side interests to have, which can enable you to investigate the shrouded mysteries of nature while you support the plants develop in your garden!


One can essentially begin gathering things as a leisure activity – it can be an accumulation of coins, stamps, cards or simply anything that you adore. As you collect these things and fascinate about them, you get to know all about the journey and evolution of these articles, something you can hardly do otherwise. Interesting, won’t it be?

So what side interest would you say you will have straightaway? Tell us in the remarks.

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