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Maintain Your School Bag?

School Bag is surely one of the most dear possessions of a school going kid. More than just a bag to put in the stuff, a school bag is also a symbol of education, and one of the fondest memories of school  life. Therefore, it is important for the students that they properly maintain their school bags. It also helps the students concentrate better on their studies and increases their efficiency at school.

Gurukul World School tops the list of CBSE schools in Mohali, and we always encourage our students to properly maintain their school bags and carry smartly packed bags to school.

Here are a few tips:

Always Keep it Clean

One of the first things to take care about the school bag is to keep it clean. Make sure that you properly clean the bag on a daily basis, removing all the clutter that you might have created during the day. Remove the pencil shavings, used papers etc. from the bag and clean it with a wet cloth.

Carry Only the Essentials

This is where many students often go wrong. Avoid carrying the unnecessary stuff in your school bag. Pack your bag strictly according to the time table for the day, keeping only those books and notebooks that would be required. Books, we know, are heavy, and there’s no point carrying any extra weight for no reason.

Categorise & Differentiate

When you put your stuff in the bag, make sure to do it the right way. Keep the books and notebooks in different compartments, also making sure that these are properly covered and always in shape. Place the pencil box and lunch box nicely. Don’t let other stuff like painting colors, brushed and sheets loose, place them properly in a zipper compartment.

Having a school bag that is neat, clean and well-organised makes life a lot simpler at school. You no longer have to keep searching for your things all the time, and your weight to be carried also reduces. Gurukul World School cares for the children, making us one the best Mohali schools.

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