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Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations are just around the corner, and we know how excited the kids must be. And why not, the vacations, after all, is the most awaited part of the year for the students. It gives them a break from the monotonous daily routine to school and gives them the opportunity to try new and interesting things that they didn’t get time for.

However, summer vacations can be considered spent well only if kids are able to strike a balance between enjoyment and learning. Summer vacations must not be considered as a break from learning. Actually, that’s what the essence of the vacation is, learning disguised as fun and enjoyment.

At Gurukul World School – Best CBSE School in Mohali, we bring to our students some tips, do’s and don’ts for this summer vacation.


– Wake up early and develop a morning routine. Do yoga, meditation or just a brisk walk.
– Start learning a new skill like painting, dance, music or public speaking.
– Play games, sports and do a lot of physical activity, but only during the morning and evening hours.
– Read more. Challenge yourself to finish reading at least a couple of good books during the vacation.
– Visit your cousins, or plan a trip with family.
– Help out your parents in family chores, and learn some useful skills that way.
– Make sure to be consistent with the holidays’ homework. Avoid completing it for the last day!
– Eat good food, drink plenty of water, and have lots of fun!


– Do not waste all your time to play video games and/or mobile games.
– Don’t go out during the hours of peak sunshine. Try some interesting indoor activities.
– Do not oversleep, and do not let laziness take you over. Stay active during the vacations.

Students should consider summer vacation not just as a fun time, but also a great opportunity to make the best out of their time. At Gurukul, we are top-ranked amongst best Mohali schools, and we would advise our students to use their time wisely, and make the best out of this summer. All the best!

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