The Enticing Features of a ‘Gurukul Classroom' | Best School in Mohali

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Best School in Mohali

The Enticing Features of a ‘Gurukul Classroom’ | Best School in Mohali

School-going students spend a larger part of their day sitting and studying in classrooms. Good quality learning is ensured only if it is aided by the right learning environment that supports the cause. In other words, classrooms, where students spend a majority of their time daily, have to be well-laid out and spot the set of features that make learning easy and fun for the students.

Gurukul World School – the best school in Mohali, understands the importance of classrooms in the entire learning process and the implications that it has on the performance of the students. Therefore, we have worked in utmost detail and ensured that our classrooms at Gurukul are nothing short of being the best in the region.

Let’s have a look at a few enticing features that you would spot in a typical ‘Gurukul Classroom’.

Aesthetic Design

The design and aesthetics of the classrooms and other infrastructure is often an ignored part, but at Gurukul, we believe that it is something very important. Beautiful classrooms are refreshing and ignite creativity and open thinking. We have designed all our classrooms to be visually appealing, while also ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Smart Classrooms

A smart classroom is a booming trend, that has been able to drastically improve the learning experience for kids at school. While most CBSE schools in Mohali have been slow at catching up with the trend, Gurukul, being truly a world school, has ensured that all our classrooms are smart classrooms with the latest technology and most advances learning aids. We have smart boards in our classrooms and a central broadcasting system.

Temperature Control

The temperature of the surroundings has been scientifically proven to influence the learning patterns of students. Gurukul intends to provide the most ideal learning ecosystem for the students, and hence we have made all our classrooms to be temperature controlled. Students at Gurukul can study comfortably in their classrooms, even in conditions of severe heat or cold outside.

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