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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development


Parent’s Choice: Rebuking or Understanding!

“We know every child is unique”, at Gurukul – best school in Mohali, but first we need to know what makes them unique. Only the understanding of how will help us to make them realize their uniqueness. When children grow in a certain environment, they develop a way of perceiving things from their parents and other people around them. A child’s thinking pattern depends upon his/her surroundings. Their thoughts develop according to the actions of people around them. A child learns one thing from his/her father and other from the mother and this mixture of thinking and perceptions of people around him/her makes a child a unique combination.

Even two children of same house experience different situations, thus they grow up being different individuals. So, two students sitting in the same class coming from the different family background are ought to have different perceptions. When a teacher teaches about a particular thing, some students understand it and some do not. But this doesn’t mean that the students who didn’t understand are incapable. It’s just that they perceived it in a different way and not the way teacher wanted to convey.

The solution to this situation is that teaching should not be one-way communication, but a two-way communication, and this is what our teachers practice here. They understand that neither all the students have same learning style nor they have same insight behind a particular object. They respect every child’s uniqueness and nurture the child’s self-confidence.

Comparisons are like that insect, which when enters in human brain eats it up eventually. As we now understand that why a child is different from the other we should also understand that if our child is not performing like others maybe we should not rebuke our child. We should try observing our child a little more to understand his/her perception, thoughts, likes and dislikes. This will help us to comprehend the child little better and help create a personalized world. As, learning by using their own style every child not only shines bright but becomes the sun of their own solar system.

At Best Mohali Schools, we understand the little world of a child step by step, and aim to provide the best education to them.

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