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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development


How to deal with Peer Pressure

During the growing years for any teen, it is normal to want to be more like their friends. Peer pressure is when you choose to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, just because you want to feel accepted and wanted by your friends.

Just like a coin has two sides, similarly peer influence can be either good or bad.  It is all about getting right between being yourself and fitting in with your group. One can always look for the positive sides, where Gurukul World School, Mohali Schools, helps the students to be who they are and not get influenced.

Children who are most likely to be affected are the ones with relatively low self-esteem, who have few friends or feel the need to be “cool” to impress a group.  Only those children who are happy with who they are and have relatively high self-esteem, and are better at resisting negative peer influence. Gurukul along with its teachers and curriculum plays a vital role to manifest such values in the students, so that they are able to mark a line between good and bad, themselves.

A few tips to manage peer pressure/influence :

1. Communicating -only if he/she is comfortable talking to you if they feel uncomfortable.
2. Suggest ways he/she can say NO- rather than saying no they can use some face-saving ways like how they don’t like the smell or how it gives them a headache.
3. Give your child a way out -by widening their social group through sports, clubs, it will mean that they have more options and soured of support if friendship goes wrong.
4. Build their sense of self esteem-make them feel more confident.

By encouraging your child to have their friends over and giving them space can help you to get to know them too. Never make a judgment of your child’s friends, which would make them see their friends behind your back.

When you should be concerned about it :

1.Low mood
2. Aggression, antisocial behavior
3.Loss of appetite or overeating
4. Reluctance to go to school

At Gurukul World School, which tops the list of schools in Mohali, we want to see all our students develop into ethical people, by helping each other and determine how each one can have a different impact on the world.

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