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Saluting Our Soldiers

July 26th, 1999, is marked as an epic day in the Indian History. It is the day when close to about 530 soldiers were martyred  under the “Operation Vijay”. It is the day to remember the heroes of our country who fought fearlessly to safeguard our country from the Pakistani troops and terrorists into the Indian Territory.

We all Indians remember this day, but have we ever thought the reason behind this dreadful war, which killed our so many Indian Soldiers. It all started with a tiff  which was then planned by the then Pakistani Army Chief General Parvez Musharaff without the knowledge of the  then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.It all commenced with the Pakistani troops and terrorists entering into the Indian Territory in a clandestine behavior.

This initiated a war between India and Pakistan , which was there for a period of three months from May 1999 till July 1999. The conflict was also popularly called as “Operation Vijay” which was established to make the Kargil Sector clean from the  Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants on the Indian side of the Line of Control.

The operation was a huge success and India won a decisive victory. It was  the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who declared the operation successful on July 14 and the official closure of the operation was on July 26 , 1999.

Though,the Indian army was able to conquer the operation, but this led loosing about 500 military men on the Kargil territory.

We feel extremely proud that because of these soldiers who are protecting our country on the border, we are able to live peacefully and work towards a developed economy without having to worry about the communal tensions.

At Gurukul World School, we teach our students to be fearless and brave just like our soldiers and contribute something towards the country or society and even humanity so that they can be the heroes of their own lives.

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