Make Your School Life Memorable

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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development

Make Your School Life Memorable

The school plays a very important and pivotal role  in developing a holistic personality in the students. It is quite relevant that the learnings imparted in school are life long and are incorporated by students in their different walks of life. When we talk about learning and amalgamating those learning with academics and co-curricular, we must not forget that every kind of learning is also instilling a sense of being organized and planned in our lives.

We take immense pride in being called as the Best Mohali School. Attaining this marquee was never easy and living up to the standards of this is also a cumbersome task. We always feel that it is our responsibility that every student studying at Gurukul needs to imbibe extra which is beyond the academic curriculum and scoring well in exams.

Organized individuals is a personality trait which everyone thrives to have. It is one such quality which is  considered as a prerequisite in many professions. We are being amongst top 10 schools in Mohali and develops our students in a way that their individual personalities also get polished for we know that these young minds will represent themselves on larger platforms in their future endeavors and for the same we need to prepare them mentally and physically. Imbibing certain traits like being organized is vital for any kind of career choice.

Our students learn this trait on day to day basis when it comes to managing their daily home assignments and class activities. Students are told about various strategies by which they can plan and organize their assignments without refraining themselves from other activities which could be either physical or leisure. It is supposed that students during the examination are stressed maximum because they feel the burden and pressure of examination and the reason behind this is they are not able to plan and organize their time table.

We condition our students in such a manner that they are able to plan their time table in such a manner that they balance out between their studies and also indulge in some activity which refreshes their mind.

Examinations, assignments and  activities are all part of a student’s life; it is important to balance out these in an equitable manner so that they are able to make the most of every activity they are involved in and enjoy their school life.

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