CSR, A Great Way to Change the World

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CSR, A Great Way to Change the World

Corporate social responsibility is the effort of companies to raise awareness of environmental and social issues by decreasing the negative impact of organizations on local community and environment. The aim of these companies is to help the economy become better in many ways. We’ll tell you more about the function of CSR.

For example, a few companies are helping in remedial education where as some of them are investing in teachers, classrooms, school health and nutrition and disabled students.

Business responsibilities were the primary focus in 1950s, to do good deeds for the society. Finally in 2000s, CSR became an important strategic issue universally.

We being the best school in Mohali, knows that we do every bit to foster quality education but there are a vast number of people who can’t afford to pay for their kids school. They  don’t have the money to be as privileged as we are, they can’t even afford to basic amenities.

By the help of this program , India can be more developed and grow economically.  We cant move forward unless the kids are going to school and not  earning by doing domestic help jobs at  a young age just because their parents cant afford their living. We need companies to provide education if not good living. With great knowledge comes hard earned money and by money comes good living.

There are children who are even challenged mentally; who don’t have an option need good education system based on different teaching methods.

On the other side, Organisations can also contribute in CSR  towards greener environment  using certain methods which are eco-friendly . We feel as amongst good educators in Schools in Mohali, let’s try to be more earth friendly.

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