EQ Or IQ- Choose your Quotient

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EQ Or IQ- Choose your Quotient

In the present time and age, it’s essential to have balanced feelings to survive and develop on the planet. Great scholastic performance by those with higher Intelligence Quotient but with low  Emotional Quotient, may not guarantee success. The vast majority of you more likely than not experienced or saw individuals who have high IQ yet at the same time neglects to hold an occupation for quite a while; individuals who don’t have warm association with collaborators, fizzled personal relations , low continuance, low confidence, and so forth, regardless of high IQ.

Future is questionable and eccentric, we need to plan ourselves and our students  for both good and bad times. It’s debilitating to see that the capable youth of our nation are confronting extreme passionate disturbance and can’t manage the pressure successfully. They are getting discouraged, isolated, solitary, and are likewise giving negative contemplation a chance to cloud their judgments, chance taking capacities, and each move made practically and not emotionally. Time has come where we begin scrutinizing our teaching methods. Why and what’s the matter with our age? For what reason aren’t they ready to adapt up to the stress throughout everyday life?

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is something which holds a very strong part in our lives. It is acquired based on the capacity to control feelings like keeping yourself in one piece even after sad news, keeping up a solid contrast amongst expert and individual life, and never giving feelings a chance to cloud the judgment, particularly when lives rely upon your ultimate choice.

As an educator and also among the best Mohali School ,We feel that we are driven by feelings. It’s important to have a solid adjust of feelings. We have to keep a tab particularly on our negative feelings like outrage, desire, conscience, instability, and so on.

We have to instruct our students to be sure throughout everyday life, be merciful, be quiet, be cheerful, have confidence in themselves, to self-control their feelings, adequately deal with their outrage and time to accomplish more beneficial work, and so on. The idea of EQ has risen and now it is esteemed by every one of the associations.

This way we can strike out a balance between IQ and EQ.

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