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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development


The Phenomenal Bond of Teacher and Student

For a better understanding, it’s important to have a good relationship with the teacher. Having a good relationship with the teacher can do wonders. At Best Mohali CBSE School, we believe that establishing goodwill will help in less disruption, good engagement, and a better outcome. This will also help each other in the long run in academic and social development. Those who don’t have a supportive relationship would face a lot of conflicts.

Students, who have a strong personal connection to her teacher, will receive a positive feedback and feel a great change in their class. The student is more likely to trust them and behave in an orderly fashion because they comply with each other. In fact, it would help them with a better understanding of their students too. Adolescence can be tough and brings insecurities. Students at this age are pulling away from adults by being accepted by their peers help build self-esteem. Teachers observe those children who give them dignity and respect and help them in their bad times.

The best thing about having a bond with a teacher is that end up liking the subject. You develop a friendly feeling and look towards it like stepping-stones because they are there to help you when you’re in doubt. Teachers help find a way out when the students feel troubled and this could only happen when the bond is created.

There are times when you don’t gel well with the teachers and you feel odd trying to gel up. Common courtesy and respect will take you a long way even if you don’t have a bond with the teacher. That is the only time when the relation losses you even more. So in this situation communication is the best key. Crowned as the Best CBSE schools in Mohali, we believe that a good bond with the teachers can make students become successful in their lives!

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