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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development

A Step to Making in Progress- Imagination

The real world doesn’t work exactly the way one thinks. There are disparities in thoughts one has and the reality of existence. But, there exists a place where the sky is your canvas and every colour is in your hand. Throw it anyway, anywhere, anyhow, it’s a place called imagination. The place where you can fly, run, make things happen as you wish with no restrictions, no rules, no laws of physics. Life without imagination is limited in its happening. Imagination is a thought, a direction to direct oneself in.

Being one of the Best School in Mohali, we acknowledge that imagination is important for a child to look out of the box he is living in. A mind is a wonderful tool we human beings have as a gift. Yet, many of us don’t know how to use it efficiently. To push the boundaries, a child must know how to utilize the power of imagination. School is another home where a student grows and blossoms. At school, we help child harness the power of the mind and push the boundaries of imagination. Once imagination kicks in, a child learns to mould things in his mind as he likes and wants. Another crucial aspect where school steps it is, to allow the imagination to become a reality. There needs to be a clear distinction made between what is imagination and what is a reality. Helping child direct energy to make imagination come true, the school plays a crucial role. Along with and apart from the curriculum, personality development is a crucial thing. Imagination helps harness the creativity in a child and adds more colours to the normal workings of life.

The education we provide at Best Mohali CBSE School is not only about books and completion of the curriculum, but also about learning the power of one’s mind and how to channelize the thoughts in the right direction. The schooling years are crucial years of creating a foundation. A tall and strong building can only be built if the foundation is strong, else it is bound to collapse.

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