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Experiential Learning – It makes a difference!

You know about instances, you tried to memorize certain things, but were unable to remember for long or definitely remembered it but broken and with missing pieces. That’s human brain! Many a times things we try to learn by reading, memorizing, listening tend to slip out of mind many a time because it enters the Short-term memory of the mind. It stays active for a while and then you forget it. The things taught at school just by book and board are surely not going to last long in a child’s mind. Experiential learning is what makes a difference in students studying at one of Best Mohali school.

When something enters the human mind as an experience, it enters the long-term memory of mind and stays indefinitely. The mind then starts to take decisions with observations from the event experienced. The child learns what not to repeat and do the next time and try something unique. When you think about something you make an image of that thing in your mind. E.g. when we say a mango, we make an image of mango in mind and know how it looks like. We apply this basis of learning ability of mind in our classes. We work towards nurturing students’ minds and create a strong sense of understanding and recognition. Clarity is important in learning and this makes a big difference in the short-term and long-term aspect of life. A strong foundation ensures nothing can shake it and break it off. Every classroom is an interactive classroom and when learning is fun and practical, nothing stops a child from learning and growing.

With changing time it is important to adapt to new ways of learning which involve participation from the teacher as well as the students’ side. Being amongst the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, we surely know how to make a difference and prepare students for better.

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