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Importance of Moral Values

Schools are the lighthouse of society. It is the first step that young, impressionable minds take to be molded in any way that they are taught. At Best School in Mohali, we know that education is not all about formulas and equations, it is about the way it steers our soul and mind. Ethics, soft skills, and etiquettes are all a part of the curriculum.

In the present day education system, students study for the potential of education to make them rich in the near future. Parents want them to get good grades to achieve a good return on their investments. The importance of moral education is somewhat lost in between. We all start by learning alphabets, numbers, pin drop silence and sharing tiffins, but along our way, up the ladder of education, the significance of value education is lost to scientific principles.

Moral science should be an integral part of the curriculum since it shapes the way a growing mind looks towards everyday life. Whether or not you are truthful and sincere depends on your ethics and moral behavior, not how well you recite the tables. At Gurukul World School – Best Mohali School, we understand that moral education provides students with the intellectual resources that enable them to make informed and responsible judgments. It inculcates values for life. They shape the character of a child. Since the nature of value education (moral science) is subjective, these are not fully picked up from the place of education. The nature of this subject is very impressionable as the textbooks contain lessons that are inspirational and students pick up valuable points about life. Text like poems, stories, and essays combine to make up good material for teaching moral science.

Would you disrespect an elder? Would you like to be disrespected? A number of such types of questions might pop up in textbooks driving the minds of young readers towards bigger things in life. Such questions can intrigue their soul and drive their thoughts to find reasons and answers to what is right and wrong.

Children are able to find a direction in life with purpose and clarity if they too are fostered in an environment of values and respect. It enables them to logically grabble with the modern life, encouraging healthy brain development and growth.

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