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A Healthy Brain For A Healthier Life

Sometimes growing up can be really difficult. Teenagers face the toughest situations in life while growing up and it is extremely crucial that we understand and keep a lot of patience while dealing with them. Almost all the top CBSE schools in Mohali dig the fact that teenagers face an awful amount of pressure during school years. Highly qualified counsellors are appointed in order to give them that peace of mind they are looking for.

As parents we fail to fathom the cause of a depressed behaviour in adolescents and because the grownups are mostly occupied with so much of their stuff that they tend to ignore the changes in their actions.

Youthful age gets a bit complicated because they suffer the stress of education, examinations, their future and the pressure of living up to everyone’s expectations. Over a decade we have observed that the percentage of suicide cases have drastically increased. As parents, we expect the best for our children, but sadly we forget how much they go through to become something that everybody believes them to be.

The Best CBSE schools in Mohali focus on relieving all kinds of mental harassments that a student faces. The teachers communicate more and listen to their problems. They help them cope with all the struggles that intimidate them.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” There is a very thin line between forcing someone to do something and give them the liberty to choose what they are good at. Hence, when they feel the freedom to achieve whatever they desire, their talent is unbeatable.

We have to make them believe as teachers, as friends and as parents that we believe in them and they are our future inventors and visionaries. Depression is powerful enough to kill a beautiful mind and all of us have to lend a helping hand in order to find a world full of hope.

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