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The Child Has One Intuitive Aim : Self Development

The Shoes that have Wings

All sorts of activities are part of an integral curriculum, the ones that form the roots of growth in a student’s life. A brain has to be physically and mentally healthy and for that our educational institutions make sure that every student gets indulged in both kinds of activities.

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” Over the period of time, various researches have proven the importance of physical activity. At Gurukul World School we lay special emphasis on the physical education. Every sport or game not just makes a child stronger but inculcates bigger qualities, for example team work, motivation, encouragement to win and acceptance of failure, if the team loses. Hence, its is one of the Best Schools in Mohali.

There are numerous benefits of sports, for example it makes a person competitive and smart enough to tackle combat issues.

The kind of diet and lifestyle, we have adapted ourselves too, demands a proper workout and a fitness regime. However, the only way one can make it interesting is sports. One of the survey proved how the students who participated in sports activities or were athletes performed positively well as compared to the student who avoided or skipped sports activities.

We all know that practice makes a man perfect and every time a student decides a game or multiple games of his or her interest, we all notice some common obvious changes and those are; developing patience, increased focus and perseverance.

All the top CBSE Schools in Mohali, build their students physically and mentally. They aim at making them strong and teaching them the most important lessons by putting them in their running shoes, on the field.

Every school believes in making leaders, visionaries and inventors for a beautiful tomorrow, if we have to make them run wild on the limitless grounds.

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