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Communication – A Skillful Art

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Communication skills are quite important for every student to master. In today’s hectic world, having good communication skill is essential in order to receive and deliver information quickly and accurately. In the advanced world of digital media, changing career landscape and great competition, the schools make an effort to enhance these communication skills. Schools and teachers play an important role in helping students imbibe such communication skills.

Conversation is one of the most basic ways to improve this skill. It enables a person to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas and receive them in return. An effective conversation includes a give and takes exchange that includes body language, contact responding. Communication is not just about speaking, it is also about listening.

Teachers help their students in developing these skills through reading and discussing. Furthermore, the teachers make the students reflect on the content discussed and reinforce these skills by clarifying their questions and making them understand the core idea behind the message. Team building exercises can help to sharpen both oral and written skills.

This offers the students the chance to work in small groups, debate and work together towards a common goal. At Gurukul World school the teachers focus on developing these skills and shaping their future. Hence, it has gained a reputation of being one of the best school in Mohali.

Imbibing good communication skills can help students in the long run of their life. Good communication skills help the students build a better future.

Good communication skills can help a student explain and express an idea with a lot more clarity and precision. The Gurukul World School is a popular CBSE school in Mohali, that has a team of hardworking and sincere staff that works together for the progress of the students.

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