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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Extracurricular activities lie in a completely different domain of education. These include debates, sports, art, and academic activities and are also known as extra-academic activities. They play an important role in defining a child’s skill outside the classroom. Along with learning various activities, children learn how to manage time properly. It opens a number of doors to new opportunities for […]
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Homework is meant to help students recollect the things taught in school. It improves the child’s retaining power and inculcates a sense of responsibility. But the amount of homework a child gets can affect his capability to engage with the subjects being taught to him. Homework is given as a practice to help a child develop his learning skills and […]
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The way we communicate affects our over-all persona. Here language plays an important role. It helps us express our ideas, desires, and emotions in a way that the other person understands. Despite our ability to communicate, we often misunderstand what is being told to us and if it’s in another language, imagine how fast the misunderstanding would accelerate. If we […]
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