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Importance of Teaching Good Conversations

“Communicate more. Conversations can solve most problems.”

Initially, students were punished for talking in a classroom, but as years passed by teachers understood the importance of a healthy conversation amongst children. If students fail to engage with each other in a classroom, they are likely to develop social awkwardness, thus hindering their ability to make friends in the long run. This impacts their social life, especially when they shift from schools to colleges.

Not only the communication amongst the students is important, but one to one conversation with the teachers also plays a vital role in framing a child’s behavior in the classroom.

As the best Mohali school, at Gurukul World School, the faculty focuses on developing a more systematic conversational structure so that students engage well with each other.

Below are a few important pointers on the benefits of teaching good conversation to students:

• Speaking Skills: When students are engaged in healthy conversations, their speaking skill becomes better.

• Conversation Makes Classroom More Interesting: It gets monotonous if the teacher keeps on talking and students are sitting, just trying to grab the load of information being provided.

• An Effective Feedback is Given to the Teachers: When students engage with each other to discuss, they come up with different conclusions. This gives them a platform to speak their mind and make the teachers aware that they are able to grasp the information.

• Students become problem solvers when they get to interact with each other, thus helping them overcome various challenges.

• A classroom is an amalgamation of various cultures and traditions. To be able to understand that students need a chance to converse and accept diversity.

• Conceptual and linguistic skills develop when students are given a chance to put forth their ideas.

• When children speak about their ideas, they become more confident and self aware.

As one of the top 10 schools in Mohali, at Gurukul World School, we make sure our students outshine other children and make themselves stand out from the crowd, thus we infuse different learning strategies in the classroom.

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