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Inculcation of Culture in Classrooms

Culture is a vital part of our values. It helps us keep our traditions alive and influences the way we live our lives. It ties people together in a society and enhances peace and integrity. While shaping our personality, culture helps us develop our behavior and thinking pattern.

Culture helps us pass crucial information from one generation to another. We can get informed about our ancestors and study their behavioral patterns.

In a classroom, children come from different cultural backgrounds. As a teacher, we can help them get along with each other in the most peaceful way and avoid any clash or conflict. At one of the best Mohali schools, Gurukul World School, the teachers have come up with a few suggestions which will help induce cultural knowledge in the classrooms.

•  Communicate with the students about the importance of being culturally literate. To help the students know more about each other try to gather information about their ethnic background on an individual level.

•  Tell them to dig out information about their background and come up with innovative ways to educate their classmates. They can use the board or presentations to make things visually appealing.

•  Encourage your students to embrace each other’s traditions and cultures. It can be done only when you motivate them to celebrate each festival with zeal and enthusiasm.

•  Make different groups for a project and add members who come from different cultures. It will bond them together, giving them time to figure out each other’s personality.

•  Share stories that reflect on the different cultures and traditions of a region. Children love to hear stories, and it will help more if they get to listen it from their teacher and fellow classmates.

Culture teaches us to be responsible citizens of our country. It should be held closer just as our heritage. As one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Mohali, the faculty at the Gurukul World School believes that a world without cultural diversity will be colorless.

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