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Teaching Time Management Skills to Children

In today’s rapidly changing cut-throat world if there’s one skill that your children will always benefit from throughout their lives it is learning how to manage their time well and effectively. However, as easy as it sounds time management requires persistence and extreme discipline to understand the value of time.

Gurukul World School, one of the top CBSE Schools in Mohali brings you certain tips to teach your child important organizational skills then read on:

Start as Early as Possible: The sooner you start with teaching children the importance of time the better it will be as children tend to be highly impressionable. Start with simpler tasks like setting time limits to get dressed or finish their meals. In this way, they will be completing their tasks sooner rather than later.

Teach Them to Measure Time: This sounds very basic and simple but is extremely instrumental in children’s understanding of the concept of time. Keep a clock in their room and tell them how long a minute, 15 minutes or an hour is. Set timers for tasks and let them know when their time is up. This will help them know how long it takes to complete a task thus improving their understanding of time.

Prioritizing is Important: Time management works better when children know how to prioritize. Get your child a homework planner to enable him to keep track of school work, his progress and time. At the same time, it will also teach him to which task to finish first, juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities and appropriate time for each activity which is what prioritizing is all about.

Make a Time Calendar: Time calendars are a nice way of reminding children of the activities they have lined up for each day and helps them in organizing their time accordingly. Involve children in creating time calendars and jazz it up with colours and stickers to make it look interesting.

Fix a Routine and Make Them Stick to It: Routine brings stability to children’s lives and helps them in forming good habits. Establish a proper time for each meal and set a bedtime. When children wake up early they automatically have more time on their hands to complete their tasks.

Acknowledge Their Efforts: Even though it may not seem like a big deal to you but children put in great efforts every day to get through life and their precious efforts need to be acknowledged and rewarded appropriately to keep them motivated.

Gurukul World School, best school in Mohali strongly advocates effective time management is an art that very few can master. Children who can grasp the essence of time management are more likely to achieve academic success.

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