4 Tips to Help Parents Cope with the Children During COVID-19

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4 Tips to Help Parents Cope with the Children During COVID-19

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak led to some of the worst nightmares that the world has ever gone through. Many small businesses, shops, and even schools have shut down to prevent the spread of this virus. Despite the uncertainty in the community, you as a parent can still try to foster an environment in which children can thrive towards learning, and follow a proper routine and schedule to keep them disciplined.

Gurukul World School, the best CBSE School in Mohali, shares few tips to help parents cope with their children during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Understand and Validate Emotions

It is crucial to validate and understand your child’s emotions and experiences as it helps in managing what a child is going through, both positive and negative.

The best way is by acknowledging your child’s different emotions towards the closure of schools whether it is frustration, sadness or disappointment that school programs have been cancelled or postponed.

Make a Routine and Keep a Schedule

As per the current scenario, it may not seem like a certainty right now, but schools will reopen at some point, and it is your responsibility to give a shape to each day they stay home. Sticking with a morning and bedtime routine similar to the ones on school days and keeping meal times the same would help in embracing this time.

 Monitor the Screen Time Use

In addition to following your children’s schedule, it is important to monitor their screen time as well. Make sure that your children spend a healthy time on screen by making the best use of online learning programs and virtual classrooms to keep their growth in pace.

 Socializing Creatively

Thanks to technology, even in the times of quarantine, we can connect with our loved ones through video calling. It is a great way to be creative with social interactions to help prevent loneliness while still following the physical distancing guidelines.

One of the top Mohali schools, Gurukul World School, encourages parents to make the best use of these tips to keep everyone and children positive and educated.

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