What Are Flipped Classrooms And How Effective Are These?

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What Are Flipped Classrooms And How Effective Are These?

Flipped classrooms are one of the most popular trends in education in recent times, and you might have heard about it. One of the top CBSE schools in Mohali, Gurukul World School is sharing everything that you need to know about this emerging trend in education.

A flipped classroom is a type of blended learning where students are introduced to new content or topic at home and practice working through it at school. It is the complete opposite of the most common method of teaching new content at school and then assigning homework or projects to be completed by the students at home independently. In a flipped classroom scenario, students might educate or learn by watching pre-recorded videos or any other learning resource and then come to school to solve questions and practice their learning.

Students at Home in a Flipped Classroom

Students might do the following tasks at home in a flipped classroom style:-

  • Watch an online lecture or review online course material.
  • Read physical or digital texts in the form of books and e-books.
  • Participate in an online discussion and perform research.

Students at School in a Flipped Classroom

At school, students would do:

  • Skill practice by solving questions (can be both guided and unguided by a teacher).
  • In-person face-to-face discussion with peers and debate.
  • Station Learning, making presentations.
  • Lab experiments, peer assessment, and review.

Flipped classroom learning style doubles the student access to teachers, and increases the opportunity for personalization and better learning experience through guidance. The main goal of a flipped classroom is to enhance student learning and understanding by reversing the traditional model of a classroom.

The best school in Mohali, Gurukul World School believes that the flipped classroom type of learning is an efficient hands-on approach to improve student’s knowledge and achievements by involving them in problem-solving at school with their peers.

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