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The success of every child depends on parenting and how beautifully the child has been developed and nurtured during his early childhood. The childhood development period ends at the age when the child touches 7th year of life. Research says that the two factors influence the child’s success and growth, i.e., genes and environment. As a parent, it is our […]
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Who is Generation Z? What characteristics Gen Z possesses and how can teachers and parents adjust their teaching and parenting methods to overcome the challenges faced by Gen Z? People who were born between 1996 and 2014 fall under Generation Z and these people are far different from Gen X and Millennial Generation in so many ways. Gen Z possesses […]
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Textbook reading or learning from new information can help in increasing knowledge but to enhance one’s creative thinking and critical thinking skills, having the right questions is one of the arts that an individual needs to be good at. As teachers, making students capable of provoking questions can help in making them grow in various ways as it will allow […]
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