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A Well Equipped Infrastructure For Students

The infrastructure of the school conveys a lot about the student life a student is going to encounter and live. The excellent infrastructure reduces dropout rates, facilitates better instruction, and improves student outcomes. It is generally said that school is considered as the second home for the child and an educational institute serves a variety of purposes on a child’s life. So, it is crucial to have an infrastructure which motivates children to come to school every day and enjoy the learning.


Schools having poor infrastructure affects lower achievement scores of students as compared to schools with good infrastructure. The condition of the schools impacts students’ physical and mental well-being. Schools should have no air or noise pollution as noise is bound to distract the students while studying, and poor air quality can affect a child’s health and well-being.


Recognizing and actualizing the above points in mind, Gurukul World School, the best Mohali CBSE school has an infrastructure that ensures a decisive role in the overall development and growth of the child.




Suitable temperature, lighting, air ventilation, electricity, water, sanitary services, internet services, and spacious student common areas.


Well-equipped Labs and Learning Centre:


For students to learn and grow, schools must have various labs and specialized learning centres such as science labs, computer labs, and spacious libraries that promote the habit of reading.


Talent Development:


Many schools neglect the need for talent development activities such as music, art, dance, or sports games, and that’s why some schools face significant downfall. Co-curricular activities develop non-academic talents and team development skills that are crucial for student’s overall growth and development.


Smart Classrooms:


With an Audio-Visual and smart classroom, students are able to understand the concepts descriptively and furthermore promote the learning curve.




Schools should have modern medical facilities equipped with all the necessary equipment that address immediate health needs and maximize general health and wellness.


Gurukul World School, the top 10 schools in Mohali, is renowned for spreading quality education and ensures that the children enjoy a safe and comfortable school environment.

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