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Benefits of Educational Trips For Students

Going on an educational trip sounds extremely exciting and fun! But it means more than just simply leaving behind the school grounds. These trips should have a major educational element attached to them.

Here’s what we at Gurukul World School, the best Mohali CBSE School have a take on the same:

Discovering New Sights

When the students and teachers step outside the classroom, there is an opportunity for new educational environments and experiences. It’s an opportunity for Students to observe many things that are not available in the school, it can be as simple as stars to having experienced a whole species of exotic wildlife. Planning and Discussing the Educational trip beforehand is advised as it allows students to know what they will experience during their time away from school.


Being away from the everyday classroom atmosphere allows students to spend time and know each other in a new environment. Without the formal school structure, they may be able to connect on more of a personal level.

Informal Learning Environment

There are immense educational opportunities that Educational trips provide being away from the classroom without the formal use of textbooks and other tools. Students, on trips often learn while having fun alongside.


No denying how much students get to learn during an educational trip, their favorite memories will always be based on their enjoyment of the day. Getting away from school even for half a day is always exciting for students, and Educational trips are always a cherry on the cake. Students will have fun with their friends and they return to the classroom with a fresher focus on their schoolwork.

Learning and fun must go hand-in-hand and therefore, we at Gurukul World School, counted among the top 10 schools in Mohali have designed our trips and excursions in a way to provide the utmost learning and fun experiences for your children.

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