Inspiring & Motivating Children During the Pandemic

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Inspiring & Motivating Children During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions are surely becoming a burden for a lot many of us. However it’s even more difficult for kids. As the best school in Mohali, we are sharing some use tips to keep your children motivated during the pandemic.


Don’t Mind the Marks


The pandemic is causing stress and anxiety to everyone, but even more so to the students. This can affect their learning and information retention leading to a drop in their academic performance. But don’t obsess over it. Instead focus on building your children’s intrinsic motivation and interest so that they find joy in learning.


Foster Teamwork


With in-person classes being put on hold for the past 15 months children are not getting to experience the social and collaborative nature of classrooms online. So you must work to nurture the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and collaboration in them while they stay at home so that when they start going to school they still have their social skills


Become a Spark Coach


A spark coach is a person who takes an interest in your life outside the school to awaken and guide your passion. Normally teachers act as one of the three spark coaches in a child’s life but due to the pandemic it’s become difficult for them. So it’s up to you to ask your kids about their goals, dreams, interests and passion and keep inspiring them. Help them connect with other spark coaches and mentors.


Learning from failure


Oftentimes, parents and students think that in order to get into a good school, college or university it is essential to study certain subjects and get a perfect CGPA. In this process they forget to challenge themselves. Even if you get 60%, it won’t stop you from achieving your dreams. You must remember to learn from your failures.


Being the best Mohali CBSE school, we believe that keeping children motivated and inspiring purpose in their life is essential for children as it helps them lead more meaningful lives.

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