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Sleep is an indispensable part of a healthy look. An evening of bad sleep will wholly ruin the mood and affect our daily activities. It is no surprise that sleep loss will change kids even as it’s way on adults. Being counted as the top CBSE schools in Mohali, we have always supported the need for sleep in kids and […]
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Kids love playing. For good health children above 5 must play for at least one hour a day. Sports are not a compulsion it can be anything. Due to growing technology children hardly go outside for fun. Video games and smartphones are stealing their childhood.  Encourage them to stay active all day for their better future.   Being counted among […]
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In today’s world it is simply not enough to mug up books and think that this is what knowledge is. It is very important for students to think independently through their observational skills so that they grow up into self-reliant visionary leaders. To help them blossom into intelligent self-learners, the best Mohali CBSE school shares some valuable tips with you. […]
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