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Nurturing Self-learning Independent Thinkers

In today’s world it is simply not enough to mug up books and think that this is what knowledge is. It is very important for students to think independently through their observational skills so that they grow up into self-reliant visionary leaders. To help them blossom into intelligent self-learners, the best Mohali CBSE school shares some valuable tips with you.

Motivate Them to do Something New

If students keep learning the same old things over and over again it is bound to create a feeling of boredom in them. They need to be motivated to take up new challenges and try doing something new and creative which will broaden their horizons and stretch their analytical and problem-solving skills.

A Free Learning Environment

Students should be inspired to learn more independently by nurturing a habit of questioning everything around them. When they become self-reliant in terms of learning, they become more confident in their cognitive abilities and take more active part in classroom discussions. So, an open learning environment must be developed.

Give Students an Opportunity to Teach

One of the best ways for students to inculcate self-learning is to start teaching the concepts that they learn in their classes in their own words which will also hone their communication skills and give them a confidence boost. This will bring a fresh perspective to the understanding of the lessons and they explain them in a way that is easy for the other students to grasp.

 Accentuate the Positive

To err is human and children are bound to make mistakes. The important thing is to tell them to keep their eyes on the positive and learn the best they can from their mistakes. When they feel they have this kind of freedom they will experiment more and also take more well-calculated risks which will eventually lead to their growth and development.

Counted among the top 10 schools in Mohali, we aim to nurture an environment that promotes independent thinking and self-learning by providing our students with state-of-the-art educational tools.

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