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Importance of Physical Activity in Children

Kids love playing. For good health children above 5 must play for at least one hour a day. Sports are not a compulsion it can be anything.

Due to growing technology children hardly go outside for fun. Video games and smartphones are stealing their childhood.  Encourage them to stay active all day for their better future.


Being counted among the top CBSE schools in Mohali, we understand that it is tough for parents to make young children play outside.

Here we have some ideas for you.

Sit Less:

Kids are spending a longer time than ever before sitting or lying down often because they’re using computers. Even if your kid does a lot of sport, they will still benefit from sitting less.

All children spend the day sitting at school, doing homework, and studying. But it’s important to discover a balance and to gain more opportunities for them to move. Children should consume no longer than 2 hours a day in front of a screen for entertainment, including television.

Move More:

At least 1 hour of mild to dynamic physical activity every day. Including fast walking, riding a bike, playing, running, and doing sports. There should be a mix of activities that are good for their bones, like climbing on monkey bars, gymnastics, dance, running, skipping, and jumping.

Benefits of exercise

Anything that makes children’s breathing faster and their heartbeat quicker is an exercise. Exercising for 60 minutes a day has many health benefits for children:

  • Healthy bones, muscles, and joints will be developed.
  • Healthy hearts and lungs will be developed.
  • Improved coordination, strength, and muscle control.
  • Maintenance of healthy body weight.
  • the body will get more flexible.
  • Improved balance and posture.
  • Low risk from chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

How to encourage physical activity

  • Pick activities your kid likes and that are fun.
  • Establish physical activity in your child’s day like walking to school, washing the car, or helping in the garden.
  • Compliment and support your child.
  • Be active yourself and include the whole family.

Being the best CBSE schools in Mohali, we believe that physical activity is always important for children.

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