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Four Reasons Why We Should Read Books More!

From ancient times books have been the natural source of learning, and with the evolution of technology and the internet, they have replaced books. But students are not aware of the fact that few things can only be learned from books.

Being among the top schools in Mohali makes reading books an essential part of learning and growing up.

Magic of Books

Books are like magic portals that take us ultimately to a new world and a storehouse that empowers us to learn and explore new ideas. From a fictional world of fantasylands to history and battles, to stories of great men and women, and some that provide us data and knowledge on varied subjects, books assist us to grow psychologically and emotionally.

Books-the well of knowledge

Undoubtedly, the internet can give a lot more information, be well updated, and significantly faster. However, books provide us with time to process the data we have read and learned.

Trusted Sources

Books have always been confirmed to be the most reputable source of information as correlated to the internet. On the internet, you cannot be sure who posted a particular fact or whether it has been proved or not. Anyone can post anything on the internet. Books have always been evaluated and verified by many before publishing.

Reading and Concentration

Reading books is a very effective habit. They help us to remain more focused and develop our absorption as well. There is always a mentor in the author of the book who yields his wisdom, knowledge, and experience through literature.

At Gurukul World School, the best school in Mohali, we believe the Internet and books both have different ways of imparting knowledge to us, and we always have a choice to make.

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