Healthy Ways to Teach Your Children to Express Negative Emotions

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Healthy Ways to Teach Your Children to Express Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are part of everyday life for people of all ages. But, it is agonizing to see children dealing with negative emotions such as anxiety, boredom, disappointment, distress, guilt, jealousy, loneliness, loss, sadness, and many more. Some parents try to protect their children from these negative emotions. But this is not the right approach as suggested by Gurukul World School, the best CBSE school in Mohali.

Instead, they recommend some actionable tips for parents on how to help their children work through the problem by promoting problem-solving skills.

How to Teach Your Child Express Negative Emotion?

  • Teach Your Child Personal Responsibility: It is important to teach your child about feelings and help him/her understand that intense emotions should not serve as an excuse to justify misbehavior. For instance, if you get angry, it does not make sense that you will hit someone.
  • Practice Tolerating Uncomfortable Emotions: Help your child understand that negative emotions are not always bad. Explain to your child that it is very natural to feel nervous about something. But, make sure to encourage your child to face the fear and support him/her to deal with such emotions.
  • Help Change Your Child’s Negative Mood: Teach your child that he or she can have some control over how she feels regardless of the situation. Make your child understand that it is not necessary to mold your moods according to external circumstances. What you can do is empower your child to take steps to improve his/her mood.
  • Help Your Child Identify Choices: By encouraging your child to get active and do something different will help your child to learn how to take control of emotions in a healthy manner. Thus. You can help your child reduce a lot of behavior problems.
  • Help Your Child to Be Mentally Strong: Mentally strong kids are more likely to control their emotions rather than allow their emotions to get over them. So, it is necessary to teach your children how to control their emotions and regulate their feelings by keeping negative thoughts aside.


Children are not born with an understanding of their emotions. They don’t even know how to regulate their emotions. So, it is always recommended to provide a good role model to your child on how to manage negative emotions and express them in the most positive ways.

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